Volunteer for Sound Affects!

Sound Affects volunteers are ROCK STARS! They are on the frontline of our movement. They are the voice and spirit of what Sound Affects is all about. Volunteers share Sound Affects mission, assist at our music and VIP events, and more.

What do Sound Affects volunteers do?

  • Promote events live via social media
  • Assist musical performers
  • Assist with on-site fundraising (raffles)
  • Check-in guests
  • Set up banners and signage
  • Have a great time!

What do you get out of volunteering for Sound Affects!

  • Be part of a movement dedicated to real change in the war on cancer
  • Listen and enjoy great music from emerging and renowned artists
  • A free beverage
  • Free invites to all events

If you wish to become a volunteer, please drop us a note: volunteers@soundaffects.org