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Campaign Overview

An official COVID19 Relief Fund approved by Governor Tom Wolf and the Hospital Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP) to help protect healthcare workers at the forefront of the pandemic in Pennsylvania.

*Donate $20: We will gift you one protective mask and six (6) N95 masks to healthcare workers in PA!*
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Keeping Pennsylvania Safe: Distributing Masks to Healthcare Workers

Campaign Details

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What problem are you solving?

As the community spread of coronavirus impacts the entire country, the rate of infection in the State of Pennsylvania is increasing at an alarming rate. Pennsylvania continues to set new single-day records for new cases of COVID-19, and according to Governor Tom Wolf, the state has yet to reach its peak. Governor Wolf is actively implementing measures to flatten the curve with the goal of avoiding a surge of seriously ill patients that would ultimately overwhelm the health care system. In spite of rigorous mitigation efforts, Pennsylvania hospital workers say they are in dire need of masks!

How is this campaign helping? 

The Keep Pennsylvania Safe campaign is a collaborative effort between WishU, an innovative social giving platform, and the State of Pennsylvania.  WishU and the Office of the Governor will source and distribute masks for healthcare workers in the State of Pennsylvania who are caring for COVID-19 infected patients as well as patients who are critically ill from other life-threatening diseases, including cancer.  WishU intends to join forces with other states, including New Jersy, New York, and Connecticut, to help protect healthcare workers who are dealing with hospital surges. We currently have access to 10 million certified N95 masks that are designed to support healthcare workers in hospitals, doctor’s offices and government agencies. See Table 1 below.

Our goal is to provide one million protective masks to the State of Pennsylvania! With your help, we believe we can accomplish this within a few weeks.

What is the call to action?

With every $20 donation, we will gift you one surgical mask and distribute six (6) N95 masks to a Pennslyvania hospital or first responder organization directly involved in supporting COVID-19 infected patients!

Once we receive your donation, an email notification will be sent with instructions on how to get the mask(s) delivered to your home. (If you are NOT in need a mask, we will ensure that your  mask(s) are donated to families in need). If you are a Pennsylvania resident and are unable to make a donation at this time, but are in need of masks, please fill out the FORM so you can be added to the Mask Grant List.

How will funds be used?

Funds will be used to purchase surgical and N95 masks as per Table 1 below. The number of masks purchased will depend upon the number of donations raised.

Table 1. Mask Type/Certification/Use
Mask Type
Approved Use
N95 Mask
FDA, CE (European equivalent of FDA)
Hospitals, doctors offices, and government agencies
N95 Mask
(National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health )
Hospitals, doctors offices, government agencies, CDC and FEMA
Surgical Face Mask
3 ply, ASPM Level 2
Hospitals, doctors offices, and government agencies


Adam J. Stass

Founder and Managing partner

Mr. Stass spent the last 15 years forging “once in a lifetime” relationships with some of the most powerful brands in the world, spanning such well-known names as MLB, NBA, NFL, MLS, NCAA, NASCAR, AFL Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Fortune 100 to 500 Brands, Retail, Worldwide Hospitality and Corporate Auto OEM.

Past experiences:
January 2008 - July 2016 Mr. Stass was Partner, CEO and Chief Relationship Officer at WebsiteAlive®/Alive Chat, a global live chat software company that had over 10,000 websites using the SaaS platform. In addition, he serviced over 90% of professional sports teams using the product to increase ticket sales, including top NCAA D1 and D2 football teams nationwide. In this role, Mr. Stass successfully built the company's brand and profit over 500% in 5 years. He also created the first US based UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) affiliate partnership for this space.

Prior to WebsiteAlive Mr. Stass spent 7 years with a stealth brand consulting firm called "720" that helped brands with concept development and brand distribution on a global scale. During this time, he fostered the “brand DNA concept” that has been and is still used by brands and agencies worldwide. He has also been fortunate to touch powerhouse companies such as Coke, SWA, Timex, Conair, Valvoline, Anheuser-Busch, IBM, and Microsoft with new product launches and development campaigns.

Jaime Constantine

CEO My Little Star LLC

Mr. Constantine spent 35 years as a financial and family wealth advisor with Morgan Stanley and its predecessor firms. He was named many times to the Morgan Stanley distinguished honor groups, including President’s Club, Chairman’s Club, Director’s Council, and Master’s Club.

Mr. Constantine uses a consultative approach to problems, looking for answers within groups of experts, and incorporating ideas from all impacted parties to find optimal solutions. Decisive, approachable and fair are all attributes his colleagues assign to him.

In addition to his advocacy of private business owners and entrepreneurs, Mr. Constantine has been very active in community and educational groups, including 9 years on the board (and 3 years as the chair) of the Iowa State University Research Foundation (ISURF), where he oversaw an annual budget of 6-8 million used to manage the licensing operation and income of over 400 active patents. He was also chair for 2 years of the Wine Fest Des Moines, during which prior donation amounts to support the Arts in Des Moines were surpassed. He was on the board of the Bravo Greater Des Moines which awarded 2-4 million annually to the arts in Des Moines, and for 5 years on the board of the Des Moines Metropolitan Opera, which staged 3 operas each season using local talent and principals from the New York Metropolitan Opera.

Mr. Constantine graduated from Iowa State University where he was elected President of the Student Body, initiated an on-campus bus system and oversaw the budget for campus activities such as concerts, intermural sports and the campus daily newspaper.



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