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Music Beats Cancer Showcase Shines Light on What is Important

"Cancer sucks... we all know it’s not going away anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t battle it with all our might."

... the event - which took place at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on March 12th – featured up and coming artists that raised money to bring awareness to cancer. And it was extremely successful! All the artists really put their best foot forward to raise money and shed light on such an important topic.

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Non-Profit "Sound Affects" Teams with Artists to Fight Cancer

"The Sound Affects model empowers individuals to directly fund promising treatments. There’s nothing else like it."

“The Big C” (cancer) is a scary subject. While nearly everyone knows someone who’s suffered from the disease, we’ve made great strides in terms of early detection and treatment. Still, there’s more to be done.

In 2005, Dr. Mona Jhaveri worked to develop and commercialize a DNA-based therapeutic compound that could have potentially been a treatment for ovarian cancer. Sadly, the project succumbed to what’s known in the biotechnology industry as the “valley of death”: where potential solutions go to die when they lose their funding. Although millions upon millions of dollars are spent on cancer research, a comparably paltry amount is spent on developing cancer solutions.

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