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Sound Affects is an online nonprofit organization that makes it easy for anyone to support new solutions for cancer. Bio-entrepreneurs from anywhere around the world can post their cancer-fighting biotechnology on our site, and you can give any amount to the cancer solution of your choice. When you make a contribution to a cancer-fighting campaign, we pass your “earmarked” dollar to your chosen campaign as a charitable grant. You receive updates and perks from the bio-entrepreneur(s) you supported as well as rewards, such as unique merchandise and special experiences, from our partnering musicians. Most importantly, donors will actively contribute to a movement of generating real change in the war against cancer. Through your contribution, you become part of a movement to translate more promising cutting-edge cancer technologies to actual solutions in the clinic that stand to benefit individuals and society at large.

Why We Do What We Do

The Cancer Burden in America, 2014: $86.6 billion lost in direct medical costs; $130.0 billion lost in productivity due to premature death; $4.9 billion dedicated to National Cancer Institute; 585,000 deaths.

Sound Affects responds to the “cancer burden” by addressing one critical breakdown in the war on cancer – the “valley of death” funding gap that has historically squeezed the pipeline of innovative cancer solutions being developed for those in need. Sound Affects’ crowdfunding approach empowers and enables the public to bridge the valley of death, and in doing so the public can actively participate in reducing the enormous cancer burden we are facing today.